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Our aim is to help grow as many small and medium sized Tasmanian businesses as we can, through smart and effective digital marketing.

We want to help connect your business with the right customers, and help the right customers more easily find your business when they need a product or service that you provide.

We frequently see many opportunities where Tassie businesses aren’t utilising the opportunities that digital marketing offers – and our mission is to change this!

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Our team.

Joe Edgley - Director at Tas Digital Marketing


Director & Digital Strategist.

Kristy - Digital Strategist at Tas Digital Marketing


Client manager.

How we work.

We’re a distrubted team.


The way people work all across the world in was turned upside down in 2020.

The traditional approach of having an office that people travel to and work in every day from nine-to-five is giving way to a new way of working – the distributed team.

A distributed team is a team that work, communicate and colaborate fully online – meaning we don’t have a physical office that we all pile into every day at nine o’clock.

Our office is the cyber space!

Working this way allows our team members to work from anywhere we like – meaning we’re happier, more comfortable, more productive and produce a higher quality of work for our clients. Another benefit of being a distributed team is that we’re not limited by geographical location when it comes to working with amazing and talented people – we can hire the best people from anywhere in the world to deliver superior outcomes for our clients.

Distributed workplaces are the way of the future (along with robots and self-driving cars), so we’re getting on board now.

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